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Infographic: how the tube compares to subways around the world

Posted at 5:30 pm, October 21, 2013 in Fun London, Transport

We love our pals over at Time Out New York, but we can get very protective, and dare we say it, competitive when it comes to city matters close to our heart. Like the tube, for example. TONY have made this nifty little infographic and video roundup comparing their beloved subway to other international underground systems, including our very own London Underground.

They claim it proves that the NYC subway is the best because it is the longest and has the most lines, but who had the very FIRST underground transport network, eh? Yep, that would be us. And who would buy a £4.50 cash single journey?! Not on your nelly! A trip with a good old Oyster card would only cost £2.10/$3.40.

OK, rivalry aside, this is pretty handy. With Christmas coming up soon, we just hope that TfL reads this and introduces the same festive policy as Chicago. Candy canes could definitely ease the pain fo a fraught commute. Sonya Barber

subways of the world infographic

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