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‘Virgin Records: 40 years of Disruptions’ exhibition

Posted at 10:00 am, October 24, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Music & Nightlife
Punks in Bristol 1980

Anyone else do a massive cringe when Johnny Rotten – once the face of anarchy – slipped into some tweed and told everyone which brand of butter they should be buying? We almost turned ourselves inside out. However, you can banish those memories and remember the days when The Sex Pistols were controversial and butterface was cool at Virgin Records’ new art show, ‘40 Years of Disruptions: The Exhibition!’ from October 24-29.

Back in 1973, musician Mike Oldfield’s now iconic record ‘Tubular Bells’ was rejected by every established label in the country, except for Virgin who took a punt and released the record as their very first. Since then, the record label has continued to be a disruptive force in the music industry, signing divisive artists like The Sex Pistols, Boy George and Daft Punk.

In the deluxe surroundings of Studio B1, you’ll have the chance to revisit these moments in the free exhibition, where you can follow the story of the record company and admire art installations by Virgin artists including The Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack. There’ll also be the chance to check out rare archive photos, original and rejected versions of album cover artwork and marvel at the revolutionary fashion ensembles of Boy George and Vivienne Westwood. Ally Swadling

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