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Revenge of the Nerds: photos from this weekend’s MCM Comic-Con

Posted at 3:30 pm, October 28, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

If you wanted to walk around in spandex this weekend, possibly wielding a large weapon of some kind, there was really only one place you could do it free from the worry of arrest or an accidental shooting from the Met. MCM Comic-Con came back to the ExCel along with thousands of devoted comic book, movie and video game fans. Geek culture has become an unstoppable force over the past few years spawning some of the biggest, most popular movie and TV franchises which have united critics and fans alike. Patrick Dalton went to mingle with the caped ones and to find out whether the geeks really have inherited the Earth.

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

 Afro Samurai and Kuma from Japan aka Adrian and Hannah

Why did you choose these costumes?
Afro Samurai: ‘We wanted to chose something that we could wear together.’
Kuma: ‘And because we’re husband and wife we thought we’d dress as mortal enemies.’

Are there many cosplaying couples here?
Afro Samurai: ‘There are loads, we saw Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers outside’

Do a lot of romances spark at Comic-Con?
Kuma: ‘Of course, where else can you find other people that are interested in what you’re interested in?’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

Judge Dredd from Mega City One aka Kirk

What draws so many people to Comic-Con?
I dunno, I’m not even a big fan of comics. It’s more about dressing up really, it’s all about the leather for me. It’s somewhere I can dress up without looking too crazy.’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

Shaun of the Dead from London aka Scott

Do you dress up for Comic-Con every year?
This is my first Comic-Con actually. I chose this costume because obviously it’s a classic and also because it wouldn’t take too much time, money or effort to create. I’m just testing the water really, maybe I’ll go for something more elaborate next year.’

You’ve got red on you by the way
Yeah, I know… ha ha ha.’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

Moss from London

What brings you to Comic-Con Moss?
I don’t know, I’m just here.’

What is it about geek culture that makes it so popular these days?
People like movies and comics and stuff.’

Would you like to be left alone?
Yes, please.’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

Spock from Vulcan aka Michael

Why do you think that comic book culture is getting more and more popular?
Because it’s awesome, simple answer. Actually, I think it’s because mainly, the real world is so horrible. It’s nice to get away from it and come to an event like this where you can celebrate unreality.’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

Rapunzel, Belle and Meredith from Disneyland

Why is it that geek culture just keeps getting bigger and bigger?
Belle: ‘I suppose that it’s become something of a community.’
Rapunzel: ‘…and because it’s fun!’
Meredith: ‘They do events like this so much bigger and better in the states but it’s really picking up over here. Seeing the sheer amount of time and effort people have put into their costumes is great. It really brings people together.’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

Bloater from The Last of Us videogame aka Kimmy

What brings you back here year after year?
The diversity of this place is great, nobody sees you as a freak. People here don’t judge by size, weight, race or by health problems. This is one place where you can really be yourself… or any character you want to be. It’s very special.’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

X-Wing Pilot from Yavin IV aka Eliza

Your X-Wing is awesome! Did you make it yourself?
I did and thank you! This is my fifth Comic-Con.’

Why do you think comic book culture is so popular these days?
I have no idea, it used to be much more underground and in some ways I preferred it like that. Comics and merchandising have all got so much more expensive now!’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

Bane from Gotham City aka James

When you’re not terrorizing the people of Gotham, why do comics do it for you?
In comics there is so much diversity in the characters so everybody can identify with somebody. It’s a loner’s pursuit in some ways but as you can see from today it also brings so many people together.’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

Tony Stark from New York aka Gareth

Why are people so obsessed with superheroes these days?
I think it’s mainly down to the movies that have come out recently, people have seen those and then they drawn into the comics. They really complement each other but are also quite different. The movies are like a gateway into the deeper world of comics. It’s great.’

London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

Cersei Lannister and Renly Baretheon from Westeros aka Elenor and Reece

Do people need more escapism these days?
Renly: ‘Definitely, when we were walking from the hotel to here we felt really weird, but when we got here we suddenly felt normal.’
Cersei: ‘Everyone has common ground. You’ll see someone who’s dressed as a character you love and you’ll run over to them and be friends instantly.’
Renly: ‘Yeah, “I have no idea who you are but we can be best mates now!”’

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London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton London Comic Con © Patrick Dalton

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