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Joanna Lumley champions plans for new Garden Bridge

Posted at 6:15 pm, November 1, 2013 in News
Garden Bridge

‘The city demands this bridge,’ Joanna Lumley declared from the roof of the National Theatre this morning. ‘It’s talking to us!’ To be honest, we can’t hear anything. But that doesn’t deflect the 67 year-old actress and British icon’s enthusiasm. ‘Look,’ she says, pointing to the Thames below. ‘You can virtually see it!’

Described by its designer Thomas Heatherwick as ‘two giant planters containing 1,000 tons of soil’, the Garden Bridge will form a rural corridor between the south bank and Covent Garden. It’s attracted the support of  TfL, and a fundraising campaign that aims to see the bridge built by 2017. How did she come up with it? ‘I  realised all the loveliest places had trees.’

But will it belong to north or south London? ‘Central London! When I had this idea the south bank was a poor relation, people saying: “Oh, we never go south of the river!” I actually live in Lambeth, and people ask, “Do you need a passport?” All that odd, funny snobbery. I thought walking across the river would draw us together.’ Michael Hodges

Find out more at gardenbridgetrust.org

Garden Bridge Garden Bridge

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