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Lost north London wallaby captured in Kentish Town

Posted at 2:15 pm, November 1, 2013 in News
Wallaby in Highate

Over the last few weeks we’ve been closely following the progress of the wallaby sightings around north London. Could there really be a marsupial bouncing around the city? Apparently so. After being spotted on Hampstead Heath and in Highgate Cemetery jumping over the likes of Karl Marx and Jeremy Beadle, yesterday the BBC reported that the poor confused creature was captured on a tennis court in Kentish Town.

The critter was wrapped in a tennis net to stop it from kicking RSPCA inspector Leigh Summer but he was surprised by how docile it was, saying: ‘when I did grasp it the animal just hung there, relaxed, very much like a cat does when it is scruffed by its mother, so I knew it was used to being handled like this. The biggest problem I had was untangling the netting around it when I got it back to the van.’ Poor little guy.

He’s now residing in a temporary facility near Heathrow while they decide where he can permanently reside. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 prohibits the release of red-necked wallabies into the wild in the UK so ill he be deported back to his native Oz? Will he end up in a zoo? Is there another one stil at large?! We’ll follow the story and keep you updated. #wallabywatch

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