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Witness the fitness: Nike releases the FuelBand SE

Posted at 3:30 pm, November 5, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
Nike Fuelband SE © Matt Chung

If ever there was a time to get fit, it’s now. Not only will exercise release loads of endorphins to keep you chirpy as the winter nights draw in, but this week Nike are releasing their new FuelBand SE.

On the surface, it looks just like the old band with day-glow patches of colour. So to find out whether or not the new FuelBand is worth your hard-earned dosh, we went to test it out at Nike HQ, where they had us breaking a sweat before breakfast.

Nike Fuelband SE © Matt Chung

Our first challenge was powering blenders by bike to earn smoothies as well as points. And this is where one of the most important new improvements really shone. Instead of simply measuring movement, the new band accounts for the level of the activity you’re doing, with the option to edit the intensity post-workout. So with exercises such as cycling, which involves minimum arm action, you can award yourselves a few extra points in the app afterwards if you feel you’ve earned them (or if you want to cheat your way to your goal!).

Nike Fuelband SE © Matt Chung

Nike has also added a feature to keep you active throughout the day that involves setting reminders to do five minutes of continuous activity every hour. This doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, a walk to get lunch would probably do the trick, but Nike has us tandem-ing across central London to earn ours. As if that wasn’t tiring enough, we’re then made to box, skip and drum to demonstrate how fun collecting fuel points can be.

Nike Fuelband SE © Matt Chung

Of course, the real aim of the FuelBand is keeping fit, which is all the more appealing now that exercising has been turned into a game. And if you’re already playing it because you forked out £129 for the first FuelBand, don’t worry – a firmware update will be released at the same time as the SE that’ll give you many of the same features. Danielle Goldstein

If you want to see see how much fuel you burn, enter our competition to win tickets to a sold out silent disco on Friday Nov 8 where you can earn yourself a Nike+ FuelBand SE by dancing to our top 100 party tunes. Pow!

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