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London is the fourth biggest Jamaican city (and other fun facts about where Londoners are really from)

Posted at 3:30 pm, November 6, 2013 in Fun London

We’ve always thought that London’s pretty great, so it’s no surprise that people come to live here from all over the world. And while 61 percent of Londoners are English born-and-bred, a whopping 39 percent of people are from elsewhere. Here’s where…

1) 262,467 Londoners were born in India. Which means more Indians live in London than Anantapur or New Delhi.


2) 158,300 Londoners are from Poland. That makes us the 31st largest city for Polish people after the picturesque Gorzów Wielkopolski:


3) 129,807 Londoners were born in Ireland. That makes us the SECOND biggest Irish city after Dublin – there are actually more Irish people in London than Cork:

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 13.40.57

4) 114,718 Londoners hail from Nigeria. That’s more than Amigbo, a place I don’t have any fun facts about:


5) The 112,457 Pakistanis in London could easily win a tug of war against Chakwal’s 104,365 residents:


6) 109,948 Londoners come from Bangladesh, which is (probably) more than Chuadanga City:

bangladesh photo

7) 89,527 of us are Scottish, which makes London the fourth biggest Scottish city.  Smaller than Dundee but bigger than Paisley, hometown of Gerard Butler:

paisley gerard

8) 87,467 Jamaicans outnumber the population of May Pen, the island’s fifth biggest city (and home of the ugli fruit!)

may pen

9) If all 84,542 Sri Lankan Londoners got together, they’d be the 14th biggest Sri Lankan city, knocking Dambulla down a notch despite its amazing cave temple:


10) And rounding off our top ten, our 66,654 French inhabitants outnumber the citizens of Colmar, ‘the capital of Alsatian wine.’ That makes us the 70th biggest French town.


(That’s quite a long way off the 300,000 – 400,000 French people the French Consulate say live here. But what possible reason could they have to exaggerate? Ça me dépasse!)

And in case you were wondering, we’ve got more Americans (63,920) than Skokie, Illinois, home of Keyser Soze’s barbershop quartet:


…and more Australians (53,959) than the toponymic triumph that is Wagga Wagga:

wagga wagga

And a pie chart of all the top 50 nationalities compare:Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 15.42.54More fun London facts:

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Data and images: 2011 Census, London Data Store; Wikipedia. Research by Miranda Larbi.

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