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The Hövding Invisible Bicycle Helmet: the coolest bike gadget you hope you’ll never need

Posted at 5:30 pm, November 13, 2013 in Technology, Transport
Hovding invisible bicycle helmet.

See the bicycle helmet on the sharply-dressed lady above? It’s actually that scarf-y thing around her neck – the Hövding helmet. And when you crash, it EXPLODES… into a cosy air-filled helmet, like so:

Hovding inflates.

The airbag covers the head, and also protects your forehead and lower neck, too.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 17.32.43

On-board sensors detect dangerous changes in motion, instantly inflating the helmet using a small canister of helium.

It works if you come a cropper face-first:

invisble bike helmet video crash vid 2

Topple over sidewards:

invisible bike helmet video GIF

Or get rudely interrupted up the rear:

invisible bike helmet video GIF

Pretty cool stuff. And it even seems to work for real:

Hovdig crash test

Snazzy stuff:

Crash Test 4

The Hövding Helmet is not on sale in any London stores, but you can buy it online, direct from the manufacturer, for £337. Quite a price to pay for a helmet that won’t muss your hair up, but high fashion – and really cool technology – don’t always come cheap.

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