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Come just get love now: the most common lyrics in our top 100 party songs

Posted at 3:15 pm, November 15, 2013 in Music & Nightlife
Top 100 Party Songs Word Cloud

When it comes to party anthems, it’s important to tell the crowd what to do: twist, shout, jump, whip it, push it, jump around, just dance, and not to stop until they get enough.

We analysed the lyrics of our top 100 party songs to find the most common words, and the results are as exuberant as they are predictable. Think of them as a jumping off point for your own dancefloor smash – who wouldn’t end up tapping their toes to ‘Feel Crazy Baby’ or ‘Never Want Control Yeah’?

You too could soon be joining these lot…

r kelly ignition remix gif All Night Long

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere GIF

Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Until You Get Enough GIF

Hey Ya Outkast Clapping GIF

Explore the full top 100 party songs playlist or just listen along in Spotify.

Additional research by Peter Yeung.

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