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It’s Guinness World Records day! Here are five record-breaking Brits to celebrate

Posted at 10:15 am, November 16, 2013 in Fun London
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It’s Guinness World Records day, and although the only records we’re likely to achieve would be for something like rapid carb consumption or extreme cocktail chugging, others are slightly more interesting. Here to inspire you are our top five record-breaking Brits…

Thomas Blackthorne

Our Tom has quite a few wince-worthy records under his belt. The World’s Heaviest Weight Lifted by Tongue (a disturbing 12.5kg) The ‘heaviest object supported whilst sword swallowing’ (The Dewalt D25980 demolition hammer weighing 38kg, which was switched on.) And he owns both the world’s largest screwdriver (101 cm) and the world’s most swallowed sword (swallowed by forty of the world’s most famous sword swallowers. Let’s hope he gave it a rinse first.)

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Ann Atkin

Ann opened her ‘gnome reserve’ back in 1978 when one came to her in a dream. Since then her four acre garden has become home to over 2,042 gnomes and pixies. The public are welcome for seven months of the year, although she does urge any visitor to wear a hat ‘so the gnomes don’t feel uncomfortable’. Wow.

Tom Leppard

London born Tom Leppard is 78 and 99.9 percent of his body is tattooed, making him the world’s most tattooed male senior citizen. Up until five years ago he lived alone in a makeshift shelter on the Isle of Skye. He’d canoe across to Kyle for his weekly shop and sleep on a bed made of polystyrene and foam. Now he lives in a retirement home.

Steve Mesure

Steve is credited with creating the world’s largest whoopee cushion. It had a diameter of 10ft and was made on behalf of Street Vibe for an event at The Scoop back in 2008. Windy.

© Guinness World Records

Geoffrey Marshall and Anthony Smith

Well it took them 25 attempts but they finally did it. They can finally say ‘we hold the record for the fastest time to travel to all London Underground Stations‘. Bit of a mouthful, but no mean feat. That’s 200 stations, 279 miles worth of track and a hefty portion of the Underground’s 426 escalators. Good going, lads.

If you’re feeling inspired to attempt your own world record – and we don’t really condone oral weightlifting – why not get down to ExCel at Royal Victoria Dock on March 22 next year to be part of a 10,000 strong game of musical chairs? That’s March 22nd… better pop it in the diary. Grace Clarke


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