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A tropical paradise, a car park roof orchard and an edible bus stop

Posted at 3:15 pm, November 17, 2013 in News
Edible Bus Stop

Tropical conditions in north London? Normally, this is the kind of news that would reignite the climate change debate, but in this case, there’s a much more simple explanation. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Boris Johnson is behind the idea to create ‘West Green Road Tropical Park’, a blossoming oasis filled with exotic tropical plants in Haringey. The Mayor has earmarked £30,000 for the project, which is sure to be in contrast to its distinctly non-equatorial surroundings. It’s part of a wider £2 million scheme – due to be completed in early 2015 – that’s designed to sprout up 100 ‘pocket parks’, and so transform underused urban spaces across 17 London boroughs into mini green havens.

The first ‘pocket park’, the ‘Edible Bus Stop’, on Landor Road in Stockwell opened in May. It was previously an empty piece of land behind a bus stop, created when a bomb dropped during the Second World War. Now it has been transformed into a thriving community garden growing vegetables, herbs and fruit trees. Elsewhere, a car park rooftop will be transformed into a fruit orchard, meeting place and event space for the local community in Stratford. However, each project is required to match the funding offered by City Hall. Look out for parks popping up near you. Peter Yeung

To help other parks take root around the city, go to spacehive.com .

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