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Less FOMO, more vomit: 24 hour tube pros and cons

Posted at 6:15 pm, November 22, 2013 in Transport
24 hour Tube

With the news that selected tube lines will run all night from 2015, there’s a lot to look forward to. No longer will you have to make a mad scramble to get the last train. No longer will you have to navigate the nightmarish night buses. No more evenings cut short. No more FOMO. But before you start cracking open the champers, it’s not all sunshine and roses. In fact, there is quite a high possibility that the 24 hour tube lines will involve all kinds of unsavoury antics. Including vomit. Probably vomit. To help you decide whether it’s time to celebrate or commiserate we’ve compiled a list of 24 hour tube pros and cons.


1. No more extortionate cab fares

2. Party-hopping (club-hopping, bar-hopping, hopping in general)

3. No more last train trauma

4. Drunken 24 hour tube sing-a-longs

5. 24 hour tube selfies

6. Not being ‘that guy’ on the first tube on Sunday morning

7. Not having to take the night bus

8. Making 24 hour tube mates

9. Not cutting your night short and suffering the inevitable FOMO

10. Avoiding the post-gig tube race


1. Passing out and riding the tube all night until you’re far, far away

2. Not being able to use the last train as an excuse

3. Drunken 24 hour tube sing-a-longs

4. 24 hour bodily functions

5. No more nights in

6. More opportunity for signal failure/engineering works

7. Being stuck in an enclosed space with a bunch of drunk idiots if signal failure does occur (and it will)

8. What will happen to the night buses? Where will they go?

9. The huge amount of cash to be spent on staying out longer

10. When will they do all those essential night-time tube repairs?!

And as we all love tube maps, here’s one of what @utterben thinks the all-night tube will look like:



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