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47 stunning photos of London in November

Posted at 4:00 pm, November 29, 2013 in Photos of London

Fireworks over London - Bonfire Night, Blackheath - Photos of Lodnon - jojo_loveslife

Sure, it may be darker, wetter and colder, but somehow London’s looking just as luscious as ever. Here’s a slew of beautiful photography demonstrating just that, courtesy of our friends on Flickr and Instagram, like jojo_loveslife, who took the beautiful shot of Blackheath’s fireworks above. Click any photo to see it larger.

We ♥ the Covent Garden Christmas tree:

Covent Garden Christmas Decorations - Photos of London - Mike T Photography

[Photo: Mike T]

The sunrise from Primrose Hill:

Sunrise over London from Primrose Hill - Photos of London - Philip Rocker

[Photo: Philip Rocker]

Rainy evenings:

Woman walking in the rain - Photos of London - Gareth Evans

[Photo: Gareth Evans]

A Misérable colour splash:

Shaftsbury Avenue - Les Miserables - Photos of London - Belvin Corriette

 [Photo: Belvin Corriette]

Regent Street Christmas Lights:

Oxford Street Christmas Lights - Photos of London - Umbreen Hafeez


[Photo: Umbreen Hafeez]

Brick Lane graffiti:

Street Art, Brick Lane - photos of London graffiti - firstnameunknown

[Photo: firstnameunknown]

A low winter sun over the London Eye:

London Eye - photos of London - Umbreen Hafeez

[Photo: Umbreen Hafeez]

A tough laundrette customer:

Barbican Laundrette - Lisa IndigoBurns Wormsley

 [Photo: Lisa Wormsley]

 This athletic street performer:

Street Performer - Photos of London - John Kortland

[Photo: John Kortland]

A celestial portal:

Gate of Heaven - Mark Walton

 [Photo: Mark Walton]

The Scoop beneath a steel sky:

Scoop, More London, The Shard - Photographs of London - Dave Pearce

[Photo: Dave Pearce]

South Bank BMXers:

South Bank BMX riders - Photos of London - John Barber photographer

[Photo: John Barber]

A Chelsea Christmas tree:

Christmas Tree, Chelsea - Photos of London - Mike T Photography

[Photo: Mike T]

The golden road to Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham Palace Approach - Photos of London - Belvin Corriette

[Photo: Belvin Corriette]

The Gherkin. And some clouds:

Gherkin St Mary's Axe - Photos of London - Belvin Corriette

[Photo: Belvin Corriette]

Hahn/Cock and Nelson’s Column:

Hahn Cock, Nelsons Column, Trafalgar Square - Photos of London - Belvin Corriette

[Photo: Belvin Corriette]

These Remembrance Day crosses:

Rememberance poppies and crosses - Rememberance Day - Photos of London - AndreaPucci

[Photo: Andrea Pucci]

And this newsstand scene:

Rememberance Day - Photos of Lodon - ab_fab82

[Photo: ab_fab82]

The lights outside Euston:

Ed's Diner, Euston Station - Photos of London - Nick Richards

[Photo: Nick Richards]

Autumn colours by the Serpentine, Hyde Park:

autumn trees by lake, serpentine, hyde park - photos of london - tschang

[Photo: tschang]

And some birdlife action:

Swan on the Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park - photos of London - j0hnb0y77

 [Photo: j0hnb0y77]

A Camden Town busker:

Busker, Camden Town - Photos of London


Tending to the horses at the Lord Mayor’s Show:

Laughing with horses, Lord Mayor's Show - Photos of London - John Barber

[Photo: John Barber]

The stairway to success:

Office Staircase, Career Progression - Photos of London - unslugged

 [Photo: unslugged]

St Dunstan’s In The East:

St Dunstans In The East, abandoned church - Photos of London - Laura McGregor

[Photo: Laura McGregor]

This cracking plaque:

Funny plaque - Photos of London - singingcrayon

[Photo: singingcrayon]

The National Gallery at night:

National Gallery, Trafalgar Square - Photos of London - mattscutt

[Photo: mattscutt]

The White Cube gallery:

White Cube Gallery - Photos of Lodon - tschang

[Photo: tschang]

The Old Operating Theatre museum:

Old Operating Theatre Museum - Photos of London - Jonathan Brennan

[Photo: Jonathan Brennan]

This tiny angel perched on a street sign:

Bus Stop Angel - Photos of London Street Art - Claude Crommelin

[Photo: Claude Crommelin]

The alley leading to Neal’s Yard:

Neals Yard Alley, Covent Garden - London photography - Photo by Nilo Fido


The enticing veg stall at Borough Market:

Borough Market photograph

 [Photo: alanisko]

The Royal Exchange (or the gates of hell?):

The Royal Exchange - Photos of London - Picture taken by Nick Richards

[Photo: Nick Richards]

This golden street performer:

gold street performer statue - photos of london - london

[Photo: london]

A sunburst over the London skyline:

sunburst over london skyline - photos of london - mattscutt

[Photo: mattscutt]

Admiralty Arch at night:

blurred lights - Charing Cross - Photos of London - nico_leonhardt

[Photo: nico_leonhardt]

Mr All Sorts – friendly, very thin:

Skeleton in deckchair - Photos of London

 [Photo: Philip Rocker]

Oxford Street’s Christmas baubles:

Oxford Street - Christmas Lights - Photos of London - the boygeniuz

[Photo: theboygeniuz]

This guy caught in the light:

Southbank Skate Park - Black and white photos of London - ecolephoto

[Photo: ecolephoto]

Hello Loidin:

hello london

[Photo: finchleythompson.com]

This view from an office:

Gray streets, gritty - Photos of London - urban Instagram

[Photo: mrsteveh]

Making a list and checking it twice:

Making A Christmas List photo - Photos of London - John Kortland

[Photo: John Kortland]

The road to Liberty:

Liberty, department store - Photography in London - mrwhisper

[Photo: mrwhisper]

Rubber ducks at Netil House:

Ducks at Netil Market - urban London photograpy - Matt Pike

[Photo: Matt Pike]

The Lord Mayor’s Show firework display:

Lord Mayor's Show Fireworks - Thames - Photos of London - Mikepaws

[Photo: Michael Garnett]

Dog walkers on Tooting Common:

Dog walkers, Tooting Common - Photos of London - singulartalent

[Photo: Mark Higham]

Judging your Candy Crush skills SO hard:

Over the shoulder - Tube, London Underground - Photos of London - mrwhisper

[Photo: mrwhisper]

The arches near Waterloo Station:

Waterloo Bridge - Photos of London - femsta

[Photo: femsta]

Battersea Power Station:

Battersea Power Station and Trains - Photographs of London - Belvin Corriette

[Photo: Belvin Corriette]

And the Christmas tree at Leadenhall Market:

Leadenhall market Christmas Tree - Pictures of London - Francesco Camardo

[Photo: Francesco Camardo]

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