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Time Out photographer Elisabeth Blanchet gets nostalgic at Zealous X exhibition

Posted at 3:00 pm, November 29, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
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Congratulations to Time Out photographer Elisabeth Blanchet, who has been chosen to exhibit her photographs at Zealous X, a three day art exhibition beginning on November 29 at the South Bank’s Bargehouse gallery. Her project, ‘Nostalgia’, is an evocative collection of pictures created by superimposing old and new photos onto each other to capture those ‘golden’ moments of childhood. Elisabeth created the pictures after coming across film dating from the 1970s from her grandfather’s old camera. The photos showed Elisabeth as a child, playing on the beaches in Normandy, near to where she grew up with her grandparents.

Elisabeth explains: ‘I was very close to my grandfather who was a pharmacist but a photographer in his spare time. He bought me my first camera when I was ten (one of the first Polaroid ones), and always encouraged me to take photographs. Nine years ago, after my grandfather passed away, my grandmother came across his old camera and gave it to me. I was surprised to find an old film in the camera. As the film was from the 1970s, only one lab in the UK was able to develop it and this took two years because of the special chemicals that were needed to develop the film.When I received the prints, I discovered that it was me on the pictures around aged nine at our holiday home in Normandy.’

‘It was very emotional to see these photographs and they brought back a rush of happy childhood memories.We still go on holiday there every year, although it’s a bit run down now. I decided to take some pictures of how it is now and superimpose them on the old pictures of me in the same place. In a few of the photographs my own children are superimposed next to me. The collection is extremely personal for me. It connects my past, present and future.’

Zealous X runs from Friday November 29 to Sunday December 1 (11am-6pm), at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, SE1 9PH. There will be a series of talks and activities by artists and industry experts including live body-painting, performances and music.

© Elisabeth Blanchet © Elisabeth Blanchet © Elisabeth Blanchet © Elisabeth Blanchet © Elisabeth Blanchet

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