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23 dazzling photos of the fog enveloping London

Posted at 6:05 pm, December 11, 2013 in Photos of London
mpsinthesky thing

You probably noticed it was a bit foggy today. So did lots of other people. Some of them with cameras! So on that note, here are some great shots of London shrouded in fog, bathed in a golden winter light, and looking pretty banging.

The invisible Shard reflecting sunshine through the mist:

shard fog photo


 The Millenium Bridge disappearing into nothingness:

dave pearce

[Photo: Dave Pearce]

The Shard appearing over a bank of mist:

kjalee shard fog

 [Photo: @kjalee]

The low winter sun over Kenwood Park:

kenwood house sally_mckay

[Photo: @sally_mckay]

The tops of Canary Wharf’s buildings above the clouds:

canary wharf - lovetofunk

[Photo: @lovetofunk]

Waves of mist seen from Galvin at Windows:

view from galvin

[Photo: @fredsirieix1]

Sunlight beaming through Tower Bridge:

recborg tower bridge

The Metropolitan Police helicopter got a fantastic view:

london mpsinthesky

You can just about see the O2 arena:
dome mpsinthesky

And Canary Wharf, of course:
fog over canary wharf mpsinthesky

Jamesdolphin1 was passing overhead too:

jamesdolphin1 canaryfog

Even the cable car got pretty mystical:

cable car


[Photo: malo photography]

Amazingly mystical:

Cable Car

[Photo: Emirates Air Line]

Closer to the ground, things took on a more dystopian edge:


[Photo: @pseudoboy]

andy c

[Photo: Andy^C]

Though it made for a nice sunset in places:

[Photo: Phillip Rocker]


[Photo: @wiljc]


[photo: @lilian_tsui]

At Stratford station:


 [Photo: @sheastevie]

And at the Tate Modern:

sophiastvillier ig

[photo: sophiastvillier]

At the Houses of Parliament:

[Photo: violinconcerto3]

From an elevated office:

auketts ig

 [Photo: auketts]

In the park:


[Photo: londonaperture]

By the river:

therealmikeyboy london fobg

 [Photo: therealmikeyboy]

Looking towards Westminster:

mattpike ig
[Photo: mattpike]

Kristijonas Dirse

[Photo: Kristijonas Dirse]

And finally in Barnet:

barnet vale
[Photo: Phillip Rocker]

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