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Equal rights at last! It’s no longer a crime to be an ‘incorrigible rogue’

Posted at 1:00 pm, December 12, 2013 in Fun London, News

I say! It’s a topping good day for blackguards and scalliwags across the streets of London Town, as Master CAMERON’s government does declare ‘incorrigible roguery’ LEGAL, striking the law against DOWN aft’ nine-score and nine years.

What japes! The long-oppressed rapscallions of our fair city must have a song in their hearts as they snap the knicker elastic of our lady companions, free from the LONG ARM of the LAW! Saucy butcher boys may knock the HATS from the heads of CLERGYMEN, tricksy scamps holler the season’s pejoratives at the great and the good, and ne’er-do-wells shall, true to their name, ne’er-do-well!

Master MILIBAND of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition was heard to DECLAIM: “The Tories are wrong on rascals, wrong on charlatans, and yes: wrong on rogues!”

A mischievous LAD did then ask him if his mother had sold her mangle and, quick as a hare, unburdened him of his pocket square.

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