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Londoners are the least sentimental when it comes to keeping mementos

Posted at 4:15 pm, December 14, 2013 in News
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A study by the Museum of London into the sentimentality of British couples has revealed that one in five women in Britain have secretly kept relics from a previous relationship, 61% have a private stash of mementoes, and a fifth still wear a piece of jewellery given to them by an ex, half without their current partner knowing. The most popular items for hoarding were photos, ticket stubs, letters, and jewellery (including old engagement rings), with shoe and jewellery boxes being the favourite hiding places.  The results also showed that women aren’t alone in their sentimental hoarding; a quarter of men interviewed admitted to having kept a birthday card given to them in a previous relationship. Emotional attachment was generally viewed as more important than financial worth of hoarded relics.

However, Londoners came out as the least sentimental of the bunch with 32% saying they haven’t kept anything from a previous relationship (the highest proportion in the UK) and as the second most likely to be offended if given cheap jewellery (just behind the Scots!).

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The Museum of London’s Jewellery Season is running until April 27 2014, so if you’re one of the one in six who admits to having a jewellery obsession head here for more information. 

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