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The ten biggest blog posts of the year

Posted at 4:27 pm, December 27, 2013 in Fun London

It’s been a big year here on the Time Out blog. In fact, we’ve got twice as many readers as we did a year ago – so, thanks for all your love, support, clicks and likes in 2013! Here are the ten posts that you enjoyed the most, in reverse order…

10) London vs. Paris: the urban head-to-head

London  vs Paris head-to-head

Oui! We compared and contrasted two of the world’s loveliest cities.

9) Photo of the day: a chocolate santa cock-up

Santa cock-up

We revealed the shocking truth behind this Christmassy chocolate treat.

8) Overheard in London: the best #wordsonthestreet of 2013

Word On The Street, Time Out London

You all go nuts a weekly basis for our ‘overheard in London’ column. So it stands to reason that our round-up of the year’s funniest would blow the bloody doors off.

7) London’s top ten weird laws

London's top ten weird laws

Ladies, don’t find yourself doing a long stretch just because you ate chocolate on public transport. Ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law.

6) Watch police at Notting Hill Carnival perform their amazing dance routine, in GIFs 

Funky Policemen

To protect and serve – and twerk a bit. You loved these funky coppers getting their expertly-choreographed groove on at Europe’s biggest street party.

5) Is it quicker to walk? A realistic Tube map

A tube map showing where it's quicker to walk

We might have dug this up from the Internet Past (note the old-school East London Line!) but this handy tube map, showing which journeys are quicker to do by foot, was new to most of you.

4) A map of second languages spoken in London

London map of second languages

This nifty map highlights the areas where more than 5% of people speak the same non-English language as their mother tongue.

3) Photo of the day: even the King-in-the-North takes the Tube.

game of thrones actor on tube

In the aftermath of the Red Wedding, Richard Madden / Robb Stark was papped deep in thought on the Underground, and jolly excited about it you all were too. (This was 500% more popular than the time Jay Z and Chris Martin caught the tube. Perhaps they should’ve caught the Hovaground instead.)

2) 32 romantic photos of people kissing in London

photos of kissing

There are two explanations for this one: either London is a city of hopeless romantics, or a couple of thousand people Google ‘kiss pic’ every day and wind up on this page. We’ll let you guess which is closer to a truth.

1) 23 dazzling photos of the fog enveloping London

Canary Wharf in the fog, London

The fog seemed cool enough on the way to work, but your photos of the low mist cloaking the city were genuinely breathtaking. 42,000 of you peered through the mist to click on the Like button. Good times.

Thanks to the photographers, cartographers and designers who shared their work with us this year.  You’re the world’s greatest.

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