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17 wonderful photos of the sunrise over London (to give you that New Year feeling)

Posted at 8:01 am, January 2, 2014 in Fun London, Photos of London

2013 is done.

Sunrise over London. Photo: Fabio Venni

[Photo: Fabio Venni]

2014 is just beginning.

Dawn at Muswell Hill, London. Photo: Mark Hillary

[Photo: Mark Hillary]

A year gradually emerging from the darkness.

Sunrise over City and the Gherkin. Photo: Torcello Trio

[Photo: Torcello Trio]

Full of possibility.

Sunrise over Primrose Hill. Photo: Mike Rolls

[Photo: Mike Rolls]

Three hundred and sixty five days’ worth.

Wapping sunrise

[Photo: Docklandsboy]

Where will you go?

Thames, London, at dawn

[Photo: Mike Rolls]

Who will you meet?

Sunrise photo, Richmond Park

[Photo: Richard Fisher]

It’s up to you.

sunrise over thames

[Photo: Robin Wylie]

It’s a new start.

Battersea sunrise

[Photo: JZA Photography]

A clean slate.

dawn at more london, tower bridge

[Photo: Andrew Thomas]

Take this one precious moment.

Dawn over London skyline

[Photo: pixelthing]

Peer into the hazy future.

Hazy sunrise, London, Primrose Hill

[Photo: Phillip Rocker]

Let yourself dream a big dream.

Natalie Clarke, The Photo School

[Photo: Natalie Clarke, The Photo School]

Because in 2014, anything is possible.

millenium bridge dawn


[Photo: bc@imageview]

It’s your year.

battersea park

[Photo: Mark Higham]

So take one last deep breath….

Syon Park sunrise

[Photo: Simon & His Camera]

…and begin!

London at dawn.

[Photo:  Torcello Trio]

Too grouchy for all this positivity? These ominous photos of the fog engulfing London may appeal more.

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