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All aboard the Travelling Museum of British Invention

Posted at 12:15 pm, January 2, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
The Travelling Museum of British Invention

Did you know that Britain invented the jet engine? And penicillin? And the light bulb? And even the toothbrush? Well, if you didn’t, then it’s probably time you got aboard the Travelling Museum of British Invention bus. The bus, which is currently touring Scotland and due to tour England in 2014, is produced by project organisers Sing London, and aims to get people excited about British innovation.

The bus itself is stuffed with 100 of the most important British inventions and discoveries. There’s themed cabinets, containing anecdotes, artefacts and other invention-related trinkets, as well as a cabinet that changes to highlight local inventions throughout the tour. With so much to see, visitors are given keys to unlock just 10 cabinets forming a themed ‘bus route’ of their choice. All aboard!

The bus is aimed at all ages and admission is free. For more information check out travellingmuseum.co.uk.

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