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Foodini of the future: introducing the 3D food printing press

Posted at 3:15 pm, January 5, 2014 in Food & Drink, News
foodini 3 Credit Natural Machines

Are you ready for the food of the future? Nope, we haven’t reached moon dust or Mars rock cakes just yet sadly. This is the news that innovative tech company Natural Machines (the impressive minds behind 3D printing) have invented a machine, the ‘Foodini’, designed to print out proper, edible food – including pizza, pasta, burgers, and cakes. The process sounds pretty complicated, but basically the ingredients come out of a nozzle in a programmed sequence so they’re all the right size and in the correct formation. Genius!

foodini Credit Natural Machine

If you’re keen to try out 3D food printing you’ll have to wait until mid 2014 for the machine to hit the high street, and also have about £850 to spare (food ‘capsules’ sold separately.)

Check out this video to find out how it actually works:

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