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What you’ll be paying for London transport in 2014

Posted at 8:00 am, January 6, 2014 in Transport

Last month Boris Johnson announced that, whilst London transport fares would go up this year (boooo, hisss! Sorry, struggling to get out of the panto spirit), a ‘real terms freeze’ meant that it wouldn’t be by quite as much as we had feared. An increase of 4.1 percent on travelcards was announced by the mayor on December 3 but in a ‘farcical failure of communication’, Chancellor George Osborne said just a couple of days later that he was capping the National Rail fare rise at 3.1 percent. This mix-up has delayed the fare rise from coming into effect until at least January 19, two weeks later than planned, and could cost £14m in lost revenue. Good news for Londoners and their bank accounts, but a pretty embarrassing and costly mistake for the government (oh yes it is!).

So, to the important bit. Here’s a brief run down of the fares for 2014 (generally 20-40 pence cheaper than the original fares announced for this year) :

Oyster pay as you go fares will remain the same apart from single journeys in Zone 1 and between 1 and 2, which will go up from £2.10 to £2.20.

Day travelcard (peak) for Zones 1-2 will rise by 20p to £9.

Day travelcard (off-peak) will only be available for zones 1-6 and will cost £8.90 (making it cheaper to use Oyster PAYG with its daily capping rates).

Seven-day travelcard Zones 1 and 1-2 will go up by £1 to £31.40.

Seven-day travelcard Zones 1-4 increases from £43.60 to £45.

Monthly travelcards are all going up –  Zones 1-2 to £120.60, Zones 1-4 to £172.80, and Zones 1-6 to £219.70.

To take a more comprehensive look at the new fares head here.

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