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Remember to tree-cycle! Ten photos of abandoned Christmas trees

Posted at 5:30 pm, January 6, 2014 in Fun London, Outdoor London, Photos of London
Bayham St, Camden

Last year computer artist and part-time photographer Jason Wen set about a project to find and photograph discarded Christmas trees around London late at night. The result is a great collection of over 90 photos aiming to highlight the importance of recycling our old trees.

Wen said of the project :’I actually like live Christmas trees over plastic trees, and don’t want this project to be seen as condemning them. I think real are better, as they can be recycled easily. If there is anything I want people to takeaway from this project, it’s that they make sure they recycle their tree and make an effort to reduce waste in their lives.’

‘All the trees were photographed as they were found and in available light. My ideal conditions for this project were quiet solitude, which I happily got. It was great being a night bug, travelling around London, keeping an eye out for trees. It was actually really nice, as, at times, it felt as if the city was all mine to explore.”

Here are his favourites from Christmas 2012:

Clapham Rd, Clapham Clifton Rd, Westminster Dewhurst Rd, Hammersmith EssexRd, Islington Hoxton Sq, Hackney Liverpool Rd, Islington St Matthews Rd, Brixton StPancrasCruisingClub, Camd UxbridgeRd, Hammersmith&Ful

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