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Psychic Sonya’s new year predictions for 2014

Posted at 4:30 pm, January 7, 2014 in Fun London
Psychic Sonya

Our resident mystic (definitely NOT our Blog Editor) shares her leftfield vision for 2014…

‘Wish you were there’

Last year saw no let up in the trend for immersive events that are booked before details are divulged. And by the powers invested in me, I can tell you that experiential nights will become more edgily clandestine. How? They won’t even tell you when or where they’re taking place.

The nolo rave

In 2013, you had discos for a lunchtime boogie, 6am parties (see ‘E’) and nights specifically for clubbers over 28. Taken to its logical conclusion in 2013, I foresee the trend for niche nightclubs becoming so micro, they begin catering to audiences of none.


Cat websites

According to my analytical software (a crystal ball), roughly 125% of the internet is dedicated to cats; 2014 will see the launch of social media mogs, letting them laugh at humans (meme name: LolTwats). Oh wait. That already exists: Twitter.

Food hybrids

I predict our culinary Dr Frankensteins will finally run out of foodstuffs to mash together, but the trend for weirdly conceptual buildings will continue, leading to food/ architecture hybrids: the chicken thigh-scraper and the leaning tower of pizza.

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