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Show the cold who’s boss at the London Ice Sculpting Festival

Posted at 8:00 am, January 10, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment

London ice skylineAs we hear about the mind-bogglingly cold temperatures currently turning America into the world’s largest freezer (-27°C, WTF?), it seems that in spite of all our storms and flooding, we’re getting off relatively lightly at the moment, temperature-wise. So why not celebrate the fact that our cars aren’t coated in ice and that we can leave the house without wearing snowsuits by heading to the London Ice Sculpting Festival in Canary Wharf this weekend (Jan 10-12) and showing all that frozen water who’s boss.

There’ll be ice pros wielding chisels and chainsaws to carve huge chilly creations, masterclasses to try your hand at ice sculpting and a winter food market for sustenance. Let’s hope this is as close to a big freeze as we’ll come.

Find out more about the London Ice Sculpting Festival.

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