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Frown on the farm: meet five residents of Stepney City Farm

Posted at 12:00 pm, January 14, 2014 in News, Outdoor London
Gargle the goat, © Rob Greig

Facing a lack of cash, Stepney City Farm has launched a crowdfunding campaign to try to stay open to the public. We asked its volunteers to profile some of the furry (and feathered) friends they’d like you to meet. 

Gargle the goat
‘Gargle’s such a poser. He’s always hopping on to a log and posturing for visitors’ cameras. Makes him really, really popular. He’s stinky, though. He smells of goat’s cheese, but that’s just his lovely goaty hormones: they help him attract the ladies. During breeding season, you can smell it a couple of streets away. He looks like Rhys Ifans, you say? Yeah, he does a bit.’

Rosemary the sheep, © Rob Greig

Rosemary the sheep
‘Aw, look: she’s posing really beautifully. She’s got a red bum at the mo as she’s just visited the ram at Mudchute Farm. He wears a harness full of red chalk, so when he mates it marks. And, well, Rosemary’s been… you know.’

Pooka the rabbit, © Rob Greig

Pooka the rabbit
‘Pooka’s a therapeutic rabbit. We’re training him for our Furry Tales project, where we take animals to retirement homes for OAPs to play with. He’ll also come to your office for a bunny tea break if you give to our crowdfunding campaign.’

Dilly the Duck, ©Rob Greig

Dilly the duck
‘Dilly was born on live TV as part of a Channel 4 programme called “Easter Eggs Live”. After the show, I think they were like, “Oh… what do we do with all these animals?” so they gave them to us. No bread for her, though. It’s so full of salt, it’s really bad for her.’

Mr Snails the chicken, ©Rob Greig

Mr Snails the chicken
‘Previously known as Mrs Snails until we found it shagging a chicken. We’ve got some hipster cockerels too. They were in a fashion shoot in Shoreditch for a mag called Hunger, published by the photographer Rankin.’

To keep Stepney City Farm open to the public, see crowdfunder.co.uk. Find more farms in London.

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