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Nunhead has the lowest life expectancy in London (and other morbid facts)

Posted at 8:00 am, January 17, 2014 in Maps, News
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Two morsels of deathly data for you this week.

First of all, the Guardian have created a map of causes of death by London borough. It’s adjusted for age to compensate for some areas having a younger than average population. As one commenter observes:  ‘It seems all this can be summed up by “don’t live in Tower Hamlets.”‘ Another clarifies: ‘Don’t live in Tower Hamlets and be poor.’ Explore all the data here.

Next, the Standard has taken a look at life expectancies across London – and if you like, you can find your neighbourhood’s average longevity on the London Datastore‘s giant spreadsheet. It’s a breath of fresh air for residents in these ten longest-lived places:

☺ Hans Town, Kensington (94.3 years)
☺ Knightsbridge & Belgravia (93.4 years)
☺ Lancaster Gate (91.7 years)
☺ Chaucer, Southwark (91.5 years)
☺ Bayswater (90.4 years)
☺ Queens Gate (89.8 years)
☺ Holland Park (89.3 years)
☺ Hyde Park  (89.1 years)
☺ Maida Vale (89.1 years)
☺ Courtfield, Kensington (88.7 years)

But it’s cause for concern if you live in one of these areas…

✝ Nunhead, Southwark (73.7 years)
✝ East Ham North, Newham (74.6 years)
✝ Kilburn (74.8 years)
✝ Lea Bridge, Waltham Forest (75 years)
✝ Church Street, Westminster (75.1 years)
✝ River, Barking & Dagenham (75.2 years)
✝ Brooklands, Havering (75.4 years)
✝ Leabridge, Hackney (75.4 years)
✝ Lewisham Central (75.5 years)
✝ Valence, Barking & Dagenham (75.5 years)

As a Nunhead resident myself, it’s all a little worrying. What’s doing us all in so early? One too many cronuts from Ayres the Baker? Something ghastly emanating from the enormous cemetery? Or the pervasive sense of inferiority created by the fact that so few people know where Nunhead is? (It’s between Peckham and New Cross. Obviously.) Either way, as I’m apparently going to kick the bucket 20.6  years earlier than the lucky duckies in Hans Town (where?), I’m going to wrap this blog post up and go cherish every moment, etc. etc. etc.

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