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36 adorable photos of hugging in London (to celebrate National Hugging Day)

Posted at 10:00 am, January 21, 2014 in Photos of London

National Hugging Day is a day like no other.

three people hugging in covent garden - sharp-sharp

[Photo: Steve McInerny]

A day to hug family, friends or a lover!

couple embrace - hugs photos - jonron

[Photo: John Phillips]

A day to hug someone you truly hold dear…

two friends hugging, party - hug photo - squeezemonkey

[Photo: squeezemonkey]

…hug your best mate while you’re drinking a beer!

two men hug while drinking beer - photos of hugging - ellen munro

[Photo: Ellen Munro]

Hug for a second or hug for a minute,

people hugging in front of crowd - southbank, london - hug photos - eleanor_p

[Photo: eleanor_p]

Or never stop hugging: hang on like a limpet!

two girls hugging, black and white - the round peg

 [Photo: The Round Peg]

They’re just like a kiss but you don’t use your face.

punk hug - hugging photos - southbank, london - KAi979

[Photo: KAi979]

Is there anything finer than one big embrace?

girl hugs bear - hug photos - efbe

[Photo: Balázs Foky]

Hugs are so great I could just hug for hours.

couple hugging on stairs - london - hug photo - Cosimo Mattein
[Photo: Cosimo Matteini]

Hug on a bridge!

father and son hugging - london, england - hug photos - idj photography

[Photo: iDJ Photography]

Or up Monument’s tower!

boy and girl hug - romantic, friendship - hug photos - john phillips

[Photo: John Phillips]

Hug if you’re a duo…

sticking tongue out hug photo - black and white - hugging - lars

[Photo: Lars Plougmann]

A trio…

three men hugging in a pub - hug photos - Andrew Murray

[Photo: Andrew Murray]

Or quartet…

four guys hugging - Dr T photography - hug photos

[Photo: Dr. G Photography]

Hug by a shop full of stuff you’ve not bought yet.

two girls hugging on street by store - hug photos - Cosimo Matteini

[Photo:  Cosimo Matteini]

Hug in the park!

park hug london - olea

[Photo: Olea]

Hug in the street!

photo of couple hugging in the street - Elodie
[Photo: elodie]

If you’re at a protest then hug the police.

protestor hugging police - protest hug photo - tomosaurus

[Photo: Tomosaurus]

Girls: hug a girl!

two girls hugging at a party - hug photos - kylie fisher

[Photo: Kylie Fisher]

Boys: hug a boy!

two guys hugging - covent garden - john phillips

[Photo: John Phillips]

Cuddle a Scotsman with lots of stuffed toys.

hugging - hungerford bridge - hug photo - kilt

[Photo: Marcus JB]

If a friend is unhappy, you don’t need to ask.

hug photo in the snow - sad - rupert rand

[Photo: Rupert Rand]

Just give them a hug, like Batman & The Mask!

batman and the mask hugging - mcm expo - london

 [Photo: Stefano]

Hug in the snow!

hugging in the snow - cute hug photos - london - libby livermore

[Photo: Libby Livermore]

Hug in the rain!

hugging in the rain - london

[Photo: Simon Chirgwin]

Hug your teammates at the Olympic Games!

girls olympic volleyball hug - london 2012 - malcolm bull

[Photo: Malcolm Bull]

A hug by a hug? That’s the power of hugs, squared.

hugging in front of a painting of a hug - hug photo - screen deb

[Photo: Screen Deb]

A hug’s simply perfect if you’re feeling scared.

st pancras goodbye embrace - hug photos - moritz hellwig
[Photo: Mortiz Hellwig]

Hugs make you feel nice, you can you find them in Camden…

photo of hugging by river in camden, london - G R Bispo

[Photo: G.R. Bispo]

Yes hugs are like drugs, ‘cept the state hasn’t banned ’em!

two girls hugging at a party - gary kinsman

[Photo: Gary Kinsman]

Got no-one to hug? A tree’s good for practice.

woman hugging at tree - hug photos - kristina or

[Photo: Cristina Or]

Or find one of these guys who’ll give you hugs gratis.

[photo removed]

[Photo: Steph Goralnik]

So hug besties,

cute couple hugging - greenwich park - canary wharf

[Photo: Matt Smith]

and babies,

mother holding baby - hug photo - photos of london - sapient iguana

[Photo: Lucian Lanteri]

and people in bars…

hug photo black and white - london - girls hugging - the round peg

[Photo: The Round Peg]

…if Time Out reviewed hugs, we’d give them five stars!

If Time Out reviewed hugs...[Photo: Andreas Eldh]

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