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Noel Gallagher hates music videos: listen to him commentate on Oasis’s music videos with hilarious results

Posted at 3:30 pm, January 23, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

Noel Gallagher recorded the  commentary for Oasis’s music video DVD. The only problem: he despises the very notion of music videos, making his commentary fantastically misanthropic. Choice rants from the above video:

‘I’d kind of grown out of the video experience quite quickly. By the third one I was just like “this is a load of bollocks.” It seemed like [the director] was just making it up as he was fucking going along. In this bit, he was saying “we should bury the drum kit!” And I was saying “why don’t we bury the drummer?” and he was like “Yeah yeah we’ll fucking bury the drummer!” And I was like “Wow, is that how easy this is? You just randomly suggest nonsense and people just go and film it?”’

‘I fucking hate videos. I hate the fact they cost a fortune, I hate the fact you’ve got to be there at eight in the morning, I hate the fact that you don’t leave until eight the fucking next morning. I don’t like the fact that the people who are making them think they’re making fucking “Apocalypse Now”, and everything is the most important – “this is the really important shot” – it’s fucking nonsense. A right fucking con if you ask me.’

“I mean I hate videos at the best of times, which we’ve already spoken about, but actually being in a video where you’re actually supposed to be the frontman is just the biggest pain in the fucking arse. A guy actually said to me on this shoot, “Can you do that bit again, but can you do it with a bit more energy in your eyes?” I still have no idea what he meant by that to this day. Do you want me to fucking stare at you like a fucking serial killer? Nonsense. Fucking bag of shite that. Waste of an afternoon.”


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