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Congratulations, you’ve survived ‘the most depressing week of the year’

Posted at 4:30 pm, January 24, 2014 in Fun London
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Was it a particularly hard week? Dull commute to work followed by busy, monotonous days? Oh and the weather was pretty crap too. Well here’s the good news – things will get better. You just made it through ‘the most depressing week of the year’, starting with ‘Blue Monday’. But was it really that bad? Here’s a list of reasons to be cheerful this week during these so-called desperate times.

1. It’s all pseudo science anyway

The concept is scientifically invalid. Blue Monday, which was given its name in 2005, was part of a publicity campaign by a travel company. Even though it has its own formula, scientists have stated that it is actually complete nonsense. Typically Blue Monday takes place on the last full week of January and is calculated by throwing some miserable little facts together. A press release for a mental health charity showed the following equation:


However ‘D’ was not defined and nor are the units, hence why the scientists weren’t too impressed. You may be experiencing Christmas withdrawal but hey, it’ll be back in 335 days.

2.Tube users had a laugh

The internet was full of people sharing the funny fake tube stickers once again. Enough to give even the most depressed commuter a laugh during rush hour.

tube sticker

3. Another week, another pop-up: Gin and Tonic in an old pie and mash shop, of course

What’s that, you broke your New Year’s Resolution to eat only green vegetables, run six miles every day AND stop drinking? Oh well, it was a little too ambitious. Enjoy the fact that you’re allowed to drink and head down to just-opened Peters & Co Gin Palace, a bar inside the traditional pie and mash shop on Broadway Market. Currently a pop-up store but with an intention to go permanent, the bar is open Thursday to Saturday, from 7pm until midnight.

4. According to nature, SPRING is approaching

There has got to be one up-side to the obscene amount of water that has fallen from the sky recently. Plants need water to grow, and here’s proof! Spitalfields Life blogged about various areas in the East that were beginning to see signs of life, confirming that springtime is most definitely on its way. Phew.

5. London Comedy Film Festival

Still in need of a good laugh? The LoCo London Comedy Film Festival is taking place this week across various venues. It started on Thursday evening and runs until Sunday and promises to make everybody laugh – even the most miserable of you may manage a grimace. A perfect way to end on a high after what may (or may not have been) the most depressing week of the year.


Oh and just count yourself lucky that you weren’t responsible for this mighty cock-up.
Alice Burns

Happy almost-weekend, y’all.

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