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It’s the Year of the Bus! Look out for the celebratory silver Boris Bus

Posted at 5:30 pm, January 27, 2014 in Fun London, Transport
Year of the bus

Last year was the Year of the Tube (well, its 150th anniversary anyway) and now it’s the turn of London’s buses to be lavished with glory. And glory they shall have. This afternoon, the Mayor launched the ‘Year of the Bus’, celebrating the humble people carriers of the past, present and future.

But, aside for the simple sake of inter-transport rivalry, why now? 2014 is a significantly bus-tastic year for a number of reasons: it’s 60 years since the creation of the Routemaster, 75 years since the launch of its predecessor the RT-Type bus and 100 years since London buses were sent to the Western Front in WW1. Buses may not have the sentimental allure of the tube, but they do carry 6.5 million passengers a day (impressive fact: this epic number makes up half of all the bus journeys in England!)

Year of the bus

To celebrate, TfL and the London Transport Museum will be putting a year of events, exhibitions, recreations and other happenings in an attempt to reignite London’s love for our trusty red friends. Oh and they’ve painted a new Boris Bus silver, which will be cruising along route 9 (and moving to 10 in the spring). First one to spot it wins… errr, nothing. Except for the glory that comes with having acute observation skills. And that’s plenty.

Find out more about the Year of the Bus and the events planned.

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