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Meet Jess and her Big Swinging Ovaries project

Posted at 2:35 pm, January 29, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

History is full of big swinging dicks making big decisions and big mistakes. Artist, stylist and feminist Jess de Wahls thinks it’s time to celebrate inspirational women with her campaign #BigSwingingOvaries. Jess has created unique pieces of art using recycled clothing sewn onto plywood backing to create 3D portraits of female role models ­ from Angelina Jolie to Jo Brand.

Jess hopes the exhibition will inspire people to overcome their preconceptions of feminism and to show that something valuable can be created from things that others think are worthless. Most importantly she wants to raise money for the organisation #techmums, which aims to empower women through technology. She plans for the exhibition to run for 11 days from March 8 (that’s World Women’s day, FYI) but she needs your support. Ally Swadling

For more info and to donate to Big Swinging Ovaries head to indiegogo.com

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