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It happened here: Blue’s Antony Costa urinates on a cash machine Trafalgar Square, 2011

Posted at 12:30 pm, January 29, 2014 in Fun London, News

antony costa

Out on the razz no doubt celebrating the announcement that Blue would be representing the UK at Eurovision, the diminutive boybander headed to a Post Office cash machine on William IV Street to whip out some funds. But that wasn’t all he whipped out. Nature called, and Costa answered. Chatting away on his phone while he punched in his pin, he unleashed a torrent of wee – totally handsfree and a mere 30 yards from the nearest public urinal.

Costa simply trousered his cash and sauntered off a litre lighter to enjoy the rest of his night. Unfortunately for him, he got caught, quite literally, with his pants down (or at least unzipped) by a keen amateur paparazzo. The pictures of his steamy adventure (it was the middle of winter) made their way to the Daily Mirror, who passed them on to the police.

Surely an act of such brazen public disorder could never go unpunished! Oh, but yes it could. Rumours abounded that Blue would be stripped of their place at Eurovision, but the BBC clearly decided that nothing says Grande Bretagne better than a rich man slashing in public while splashing the cash. Costa was mortified: ‘I’ll be remembered as the guy who went on a bender and pissed against a cashpoint.’ Nul points. Eddy Frankel

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