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‘North is intellectual, south is rough, west is posh, east is poor’: London’s view on postcodes revealed

Posted at 8:00 am, January 29, 2014 in News
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Want to know what London thinks of its neighbours? A new YouGov poll gives you a rough idea of how Londoners view their surrounding boroughs. And surprise surprise, it’s not all complimentary.

According to the 1,294 Londoners who took part in the survey, there’s good and bad to all the compass points of the capital. East gets branded ‘poor’, ‘dirty’, ‘gritty’ and ‘rough’ but it’s also ‘arty’, ‘up and coming’ (verging on ‘try hard’). Seems that London’s got its brains up top, as north London is predominantly ‘intellectual’, ‘cultured’ and ‘family friendly’ but this soon leads on to it being ‘dull’ and ‘suburban’. South London fares much worse being seen as ‘rough’, ‘suburban’, ‘poor’ and ‘past its prime’ and only a tad ‘up and coming’ and ‘family friendly’. It seems that west is best, as despite being mainly seen as ‘posh’ and ‘pretentious’, it’s also the most ‘cultured’, ‘clean’, ‘cosmopolitan’, ‘pretty’  and ‘trendy’ part of town.

Of course, last year we looked at what you were Googling about London’s four corners:

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Do you agree? Maybe this North vs South London infographic will help.

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