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Do something uplifting and join the #helpmob tomorrow

Posted at 4:15 pm, January 31, 2014 in Fun London
help mob

This is the loveliest, most inspiring idea we’ve heard of in a while. Meet The Free Help Guy, a man who obliterates the stereotype that all Londoner’s are rude and ignorant. This chap has spent six months anonymously helping strangers in need, from reuniting a lost memory card of travelling photos with its owner to raising enough money to pay for 813 people to have eye surgery to prevent them going blind. If there is a heaven, this guy is definitely on the guest list. 

Now The Free Help Guy has created a #helpmob, a gathering of complete strangers who unite in helping people in need without them knowing. He’s inviting us to join him in his first help mob challenge tomorrow at Notting Hill Gate Tube outside Boots at 11am. Once everyone has arrived the help mob will head to it’s secret destination and the helping will commence.

help mob

For more information head to facebook.com, keep an eye open for more details added on the day.

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