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If you want to go see Prince tonight, here’s what you need to know…

Posted at 4:15 pm, February 5, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

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Hey hey Prince fans! So after last night’s impromptu hour-long gig from the sexy purple hero, we imagine that A LOT of you are wondering what the deal is with tonight’s Prince gig at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.  Well, unless you’re already near the front of the queue, we’re afraid to say it’s not looking too good right now. 

After hearing news that tickets would go on sale at 2pm today, dedicated fans bunked off work in their droves and braved the wind and rain to wait for his purpleness.

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But now people queuing at the front are reporting that venue security guards are saying tickets will be released at 7pm, one per person and on a first come, first served basis.


Considering the fact that capacity for the Electric Ballroom is just over 1000, and there are a heck of a lot of people queuing around the block, we reckon that there’ll be lots of soggy disappointed fans tonight. Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news.


However, all is not lost.

It has stopped raining (phew) and as this whole Prince escapade has already been so random and confusing, things could change at any time. So if you’re a die-hard Prince fan and have some time on your hands, head down ASAP to see what’s going on. You never know what might happen. He could close the street for an impromptu gig outside the market for all we know!

News just in: The Diner are giving out free food to people queuing:

Read all about what happened when Prince played in Camden last night. Are you down there? Tweet us what’s happening to @timeoutlondon. We’ll bring you any news as we get it!

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