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London is emptying the North of 20-somethings (and other facts about who’s moving where)

Posted at 4:30 pm, February 6, 2014 in News
Centre for Cities: net migration


Six interesting facts from the Centre for Cities recent Cities Outlook 2014 report:

1) People are moving from the North to London. People who relocate to London (the green arrows) tend to move much further distances. Almost every city outside of the Greater South East lost population to the capital between 2009 and 2012.

2) But people who leave London still try to stay in commuting distance. The red arrows tell the story – when people want to move from London, they’re heading to places like Reading, Crawley, Brighton or Aldershot, rather than other big cities like Manchester or Leeds.

3) The people who move here are younger, while the people that move away are older. There’s a general influx of people in their early twenties moving to London  – 80,000 over three years. In fact, 58 percent of all people in their twenties who move city move to London. But once people hit thirty, more of them start moving out than moving in…

Centre for Cities

4) But on average, London actually loses people to the rest of the country. In the last three years in the UK, 933,000 people moved away, while only 775,000 people moved here. But if you’re wondering why it’s as busy as ever, that’s because of immigration and our peppy birth rate.

5) London’s good for the rest of the country. London is the biggest employer in other British cities. Of the other 62 British cities, London-headquartered  businesses were the most prominent in every city. We are number one, etc. etc. etc.

Centre for Cities

So, that’s London – a gigantic brain funnel sucking the graduates out of everywhere to the north and west, chewing on them for a decade or so and then spitting them out into the Hampshire suburbs. Nice.

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