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Is ‘Her’ the end of life as we know it?

Posted at 4:45 pm, February 14, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Technology

In Spike Jonze’s brilliant new nerdy romcom ‘Her’, Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his laptop. Okay, so it’s a teensy weensy bit more complicated than that. Set in the nearish future, artificial intelligence has become so intelligent that humans can no longer tell the difference between a conversation with a computer and another person (think Siri circa the iPhone 87). To be fair, though, Phoenix’s computer does have the voice of Scarlett Johansson, and is so sexily husky that no straight man alive is going to kick her out of bed for not having a body.

If all of this comes to pass in real life it could spell the END OF HUMANITY AS WE KNOW IT, says Dr Wendy Walsh, a psychotherapist and relationship expert. ‘Humans are born to attach,’ she explains. ‘This is a natural wiring handed down by evolution. We attach so that we create offspring who will grow up to form healthy attachments themselves.’ Getting frisky with your computer, says Dr Walsh, is not just a diss to the other sex, but also sticks two fingers up to evolution. ‘No one can predict where we evolve to next, but if we’re not going to attach to a human long enough to raise kids who will grow up to attach themselves, the result is we’re going the way of the dinosaurs. Fast. You’re going to fall off evolution’s chain.’

According to Dr Walsh, smartphones are already ruining our relationships. ‘It’s a giant distraction. We’re not present. One study found that 10 percent of people look at their iPhones while they’re having sex. That’s pretty bad. Technology has no place in the bedroom at all.’ Happy Valentine’s Day!

‘Her’ is in cinemas now. Read our review here.

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