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Mapped: Londoners’ favourite places to run

Posted at 6:15 pm, February 17, 2014 in Fun London, Maps

Toxic event evacuation schematic? Nope, it’s a visualisation of London’s most popular running routes, put together by Nathan Yau at FlowingData using RunKeeper data. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people like to go for a jog by the river and through parks. But stare at it long enough, and images start to emerge, like a cartographic Rorschach blot. Here’s what we saw…

The frog:


‘The hidden frog just leapt out at me. But then again, for years I thought the tube map was a drawing of a newt.’ Guy Parsons

Harry Potter on a Velociraptor:


‘I love a velociraptor, yet I don’t care for Harry Potter… Why I saw both I have no idea. Magic?’ Tom Kitten



‘This map is undoubtedly a silhouette of Napoleon. Probably looking for Waterloo.’ Dominic Earle

ET, in a basket, on Elliot’s bike: 


‘Hold on, what is this a map of? I just saw a picture of ET and got excited.’ Liz Darké

A dog’s dinner:


‘It’s uncanny! It’s the spitting image of my Jack Russell, Bailey! Alright, I just wanted to draw my dog…’ Ben Rowe

The inevitable crude sketch:


‘No surprise that there’s a penis here. After all, you see penises everywhere. Right? Guys?’ Adam Fulrath

‘This one actually looks like a happy fish to me.’ Guy Parsons

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