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Have you found a message in a bottle on your travels?

Posted at 8:15 am, February 26, 2014 in Fun London, Transport

Bored of your commute? Better start keeping your eyes peeled for any hidden messages left as part of the Message in a Bottle art project. Nathania Hartley has been lovingly leaving notes in bottles around London for people to find on buses and trains, inviting them to keep the messages and replace them with their own. There have been special Valentine’s, Christmas and tube strike themed communications, and the project has also gone further afield, with messages finding their way across the country and other cities in Europe.

So if you see one, feel free to flex your creative muscles and keep the conversation going. Think about it – political messages, heartwarming tales, dirty poetry – the possibilities are endless. Francesca Leung

Tweet your contributions and encounters @gomessagebottle.

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