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Could London be getting its own Monaco-style Grand Prix?

Posted at 6:15 pm, February 27, 2014 in News, Transport
A F1 future for London? ©Grandprix247.com

In just under two years time it could actually be legal for Lewis Hamilton to race through London’s streets at dangerously high speeds. Take that, traffic police.

It was revealed today that the government had backed plans to make it easier to host races on public roads, starting a consultation process around changing road safety laws and suspending speed limits. And while many Londoners shudder at the image of endless roadworks and closures throughout the capital, F1 mogul/comic-book villain Bernie Ecclestone has been dreaming of such a race for years, describing the prospect as ‘magnificent’.

Whether London’s rather narrow roads and sharp turns are actually appropriate for an F1 race is up for debate , but the idea may excite us if we switched the F1 cars for Routemasters. Get on it, Boris!

For an idea of what such a race could look like in London, check out this video simulation:

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