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The five best albums from February

Posted at 6:15 pm, March 3, 2014 in Music & Nightlife, Top 5
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February is over. There was joy, there was pain, there was a bit of sun, there was bloody loads of rain… and along the way there were also some really cool albums released. If you missed them first time around, don’t worry – here’s the best new music that the month had to offer. If you’ve still got an unspent iTunes Store voucher hanging around from Christmas, you know what to do…

1. Beck – ‘Morning Phase’


‘Warm, expansive, richly textured and thick with shimmering vocal reverb, the twelfth album from Beck Hansen is the spiritual successor to 2003’s ‘Sea Change’.’ Read more, listen and buy

2. Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’


‘Whilst it’s still a Bombay Bicycle Club album at heart, ‘So Long…’ marks a point at which the group’s sound has become both expansive and brilliantly refined. You’ll need to pinch yourself to remember that all of this comes from a band that, back in 2006, were tagged as jangly indie school-leavers fit only for a teenage mixtape.’ Read more, listen and buy

3. Katy B – ‘Little Red’


‘This, you suspect, may be the sound of Katy B repositioning the future-pop goalposts yet again. It’s far from the knockabout party larks of ‘On a Mission’, but despite drawing on sadness for its dancefloor energy, ‘Little Red’ continues to fizz over with fresh ideas for urban-pop.’ read more, listen and buy

4. Tinariwen – ‘Emmaar’


‘This is transportative music, an electric blues trip through Tinariwen’s sand-blasted world of long-form Tamashek jams.’ Read more, listen and buy

5. The Eccentronic Research Council and Maxine Peake – ‘Magpie Billy and the Egg That Yolked’


‘Like mainlining a post-watershed ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Magpie Billy and the Egg That Yolked (A Study of the Northern Ape in Love)’ is a celebration of Northernness in all its droll, pathos-filled, Rich Tea glory.’ Read more, listen and buy

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