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Abandoned Brompton Road tube station sold for £53 million

Posted at 3:30 pm, March 4, 2014 in News, Transport

A former tube station used as a command centre during the Blitz has been sold for £53 million to a mysterious (yet probably not) unnamed buyer. Brompton Road station, located near Harrods, was put up for sale in September as part of the Ministry of Defence’s cost-cutting efforts, ‘cos we’re all in it together, eh Dave?

First opened in 1906, the west London tube station lasted only 28 years before it was closed, deemed ‘not financially viable’ by a pre-war TfL. What will happen to this forgotten historical building, you ask? Well, it’ll be converted into everybody’s favourite attraction… NEW FLATS!

During WWII the building housed a control hub for anti-aircraft batteries that helped to protect the capital from the wave of air raids. Somewhat fittingly the money from the sale will go back into the defence budget, with Brompton Road tube station providing one last bit of national service.

For an eerie look inside the disused station, see the video below:

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