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Is this Superterminal a glimpse into Euston’s future?

Posted at 6:15 pm, March 5, 2014 in News, Transport
The vision of Euston's future ©Eustonvision

Chancellor of the Exchequer and all-round cuts merchant George Osborne backed plans today for the construction of a new ‘Superterminal’ in Euston. Similar to the £550 million facelift King’s Cross recently received, the overhaul of Euston station is being seen as a way of redeveloping not only the transport links but the whole neighbourhood.

After initial plans to demolish the station to prepare for the HS2 high-speed rail project were dropped last April, these new proposals laid out by eustonvision.com consortium show the company’s desire to transform the area into a lively quarter complete with new shops and offices.

The key to these redevelopments will be integration between the new Euston and the shiny King’s Cross stations, which is viewed as the blueprint for the project. Euston’s big advantage is its accessibility and strong transport links, which developers are looking to capitalise on, especially once HS2 is up and running.

The consortium’s proposals will hopefully lead to four million square feet of space and hundreds of new homes focussed around the new Superterminal, going along with the vision outlined by Mayor Boris Johnson.

Here’s what the revamped Euston could soon look like:

Euston Superterminal ©Eustonvision

For more information on the proposals and redevelopment of Euston visit eustonvision.com

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