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Does your love life stink? Follow your nose at a pheromone party

Posted at 1:30 pm, March 10, 2014 in Fun London
Pheromone party

Have you ever felt an inexplicable surge of attraction to someone that was so strong it almost knocked you on your arse? That, my friend, could very well be due to what they smell like. Yep, those pungent pheromones are a very powerful thing and now there’s a new dating night dedicated to them where you can sniff out a suitable mate. Literally.

Pheromone parties are already a big deal over in LA and London is getting its first whiff of the action on March 25 at Stories on Broadway Market. But how does it work? Daters bring a T-shirt that they’ve slept in for three nights (to make sure it’s fully saturated in their stench) in a ziplock bag. Each bag gets numbered and only the owner knows the number. Throughout the evening, guests sniff the bags and, if they like what they smell, take a photo of themselves with the bag. These are then projected onto the wall and if you see a hottie holding your stinky nightwear, that’s your cue to go chat nose to nose. Presumably they’ll smell even better on the night too!

To break up all that smelling and flirting, Odette Toilette will be talking about dirty scents, there’ll be sense-tingling ‘live art’ (no idea) from artist Novemto Komo and macabre cabaret from Mary Beth Morossa. Will you find your dream match? Only the nose knows.

Tickets cost £6 in advance or £10 on the door. Book now at eventbrite.co.uk

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