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London’s first ‘Little Free Library’ has arrived in Clapton and it’s adorable

Posted at 3:30 pm, March 13, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, News
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With local libraries going through a tough time adapting to the rapid digitalisation of books (curse you, Kindle!), literary lovers in Clapton have decided to take matters into their own hands and set up London’s first cute-as-anything ‘Little Free Library’. 

Originating from the US, the idea of the ‘Little Free Library’  is for residents to share books across their local community, by placing them in the libraries (which often resemble super-sized birdhouses) and allowing others to borrow the books, read them and return or replace them with favourites of their own. It’s basically similar to those desks you find in hotels, where books abandoned on sun beds get rescued for other guests to read; though this time we’re guessing there will be less crappy crime novels.

With both adults and children taking part in the scheme, the theory is that the libraries will contain an eclectic mix of constantly changing books and there is also a notebook within the library for people to record their thoughts on what they’ve read.

The Clapton incarnation is already a few weeks into its existence and luckily no one has decided to turn it into a public loo or skip just yet, although this being Hackney it could only be a matter of time. But until then, Clapton’s little free library should prove to be a great way of promoting a sense of community in the area. Hari Sethi

For more information of the Little Free Library scheme click here and check out a video of Clapton’s incarnation below. 

Thanks to our friends at thedalstonist for the heads up.


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