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Hand-drawn maps of every London borough

Posted at 8:15 am, March 17, 2014 in Maps
People's map of London ©Jojo Oldham

Alternative London maps are all the rage these days. But with the Underground map getting reworked seemingly every other day and everyone having their own view on what the most important aspects of their neighbourhood are, it’s almost impossible to record everything. Or is it? 

Artist Jojo Oldham tried her hand at creating a hand-drawn map of the capital in 2012, but now she’s back and eager to go into even more detail, this time focussing on each individual London borough. Considering every map takes around 100 hours to complete, we admire Jojo’s dedication and really hope she’s cleared her schedule for the next few years. Oldham’s end goal is to combine each of her borough maps to create one map to end all hand-drawn maps. Each one will be completed with meticulous detail in the hope she can capture the essence of what people determine to be the most important bits of their borough.

Not content with setting herself ominously large tasks, Oldham is also working on a people’s map of the British Isles, using suggestions sent in from the web. It’s a mammoth undertaking, but one that’s sure to look spectacular when finished.

To help Jojo out, why not suggest a place for her to cover by clicking lovelyjojos.com and filling in the short form.

To view Jojo’s original map of London, just click here.

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