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What’s your worst work-related fuck-up?

Posted at 1:15 pm, March 24, 2014 in Fun London

We’ve all been there – the cold sweat, sharp fear and sinking dread when we realise that yes, that happened, it’s too late to stop it, and you may soon be getting a call from HR. Accidental emails, deleting important work info, sexting your boss, being sick in the printer, breaking a whole tube line by pouring concrete into a signal room – it’s amazing we’ve all still got jobs with the amount of fuck-ups that happen at work. But don’t be too hard on yourself – everyone makes mistakes and luckily, most of the time they’re not the end of the world and people don’t find out. But you can tell us! Share your worst work-place screw-up 100 percent anonymously and we promise we won’t tell your boss. 

Need some inspiration? Here’s the ten most memorable workplace accidents on film.

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