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Crowdsourced start-up Crowdwish aims to make your dreams come true

Posted at 10:00 am, March 27, 2014 in Fun London, News, Technology
Crowdwish surprise NHS workers

We all spend good portions of the week daydreaming about things we wish we could change about the world, yet with life in general being relentlessly busy, such dreams usually remain just that. But what if there was someone to make your wishes come true? We can’t offer you a bright blue genie but this may be the next best thing; new online start up Crowdwish is on a mission to make the world a better place by taking those well-intentioned daydreams and making them a reality.

Now obviously we’d all like a new wardrobe and unlimited dinners at Hawksmoor, but Crowdwish’s aim isn’t to satisfy our greedy desires. Instead its aim is to realise the tangible dreams, making small but meaningful gestures on our behalf. It’s like a modern day version of ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ (without all the subsequently horrible stuff).

A crowd-sourced wish-granting service, Crowdwish isn’t complicated, users simply sign up via Facebook and post their non-lofty demands onto the main site. The more people agree with a wish, the greater the chance it’ll come true, with past efforts like ‘I wish someone would help the homeless’ resulting in Crowdwish heading out into the city and distributing as many sleeping bags as it could to those sleeping rough. Another recent wish saw the team tricking professional troll Katie Hopkins into signing her own gagging order, a prank that a lot of people wish was legally binding.

For more info and to take part in the feel good concept, visit crowdwish.com and to see a full list of resolved wishes just click here.

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