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Kate Bush: how to boost your chances of scoring tickets

Posted at 3:45 pm, March 27, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

Kate Bush Before the Dawn

Tomorrow is D-day if you’re hoping to see reclusive songwriting genius and elfish roamer of fields Kate Bush perform live in the flesh

Twenty-two shows at the Hammersmith Apollo (total capacity: 5,039) means 110,000 tickets MAXIMUM are up for grabs. A number of allocated tickets have already been snapped up by super-fans savvy enough to pre-register on katebush.com. so, for everyone else, 9.30am tomorrow morning is when shit gets real.

Getting a ticket under starter’s orders like this can be a struggle akin to running up that hill, but DON’T GIVE UP. Here’s a quick checklist of things to bear in mind:

1. Get behind that keyboard

Here’s where all the action’s kicking off tomorrow.  It may be a few years old, but this forum thread on a ‘foolproof guide to getting Glasto tickets gives some useful tips on maximising your browser’s chances of getting to that crucial ticket page. The gist is that monitoring multiple tabs is the way forward, rather than constantly refreshing one page. If you get it right, the result might look something like this baffling display.

2. Re-re dial

The golden number is the call centre of the Eventim Apollo: 0844 249 4300. Don’t be shy, use as many phones as possible, put them on speakerphone and line them up next to your computer(s). Then get ready to hit redial. A lot.

3. Get networking (not in a gross work way)

Got friends who are similarly itching to see Kate do her thing? Course you do, so try to syndicate efforts, preferably with all of you in the same place and hooked up to multiple computers and a roomful of phones. Develop a strategy and plan for what to do when one of you (hopefully) gets through. This is serious stuff people – the kind of mission, in fact, that Kate kitted up for in her ‘Army Dreamers’ video.

4. Leave the camping to her dancers

Think you can dodge the bullet and buy your tickets in person after camping out all night? Not gonna happen. The Eventim Apollo isn’t selling any tickets from the box office. Back to redial, then…

5. If everything fails, try subterfuge

It’s not pretty, but all’s fair in love, war and Cloudbusting. Dirty tactics could include tweeting fake info…

…to put others off the trail, or, just posting this everywhere…

Kate Bush Tickets

Good luck! Tristan Parker

Kate Bush is playing at the Hammersmith Apollo from August 26 until October 1.

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